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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Idul Fitri or Labaran on Gili Air, Indonesia

The day we arrived in Indonesia. it was Independence day and 2 days later the Ramadan finished, which is celebrated by the Idul Fitri celebration which is also sometimes referred to in Indonesia as Lebaran, which meant that there was a short procession with small 'show' carts being hand pulled around the island.
In other Muslim countries Idul Fitri is referred to as Eid Mubarak.

One of the six districts on the island with their group

Gili Air has 6 'districts' and each one of them had build a small show car, since they are being pulled by hand (remember, there are no cars or motorbikes allowed on the island) theses are relatively small carts.

The kids were enjoying themselves and having a good time

We were actually just finished with eating at Scallywags, one of the few restaurants open during these celebration days, when we were pleasantly surprised with the procession of the carts.

A popular theme was mosques, especially the camel did well on Gili Air

One of the sic carts is pronounced the winner, but I didn't find out who that was, although I have a hunch. Check the next pictures out.

Another mosque being carried around

Idul Fitri begins with mass prayer gatherings early in the morning at mosques, open fields, parks and on major streets. It is an amazing sight to see rows of hundreds of Muslim women all dressed in their mukena (white, head-to-toe prayer gowns) performing the synchronized prayer ritual. Muslim men tend to wear sarong, traditional shirts and peci hats to Idul Fitri morning prayers. On the walk home from the mass prayers, quick visits are made to friends in the neighborhood to ask for forgiveness.

This looked to me as being the winner

It was interesting and a very pleasant surprise to see how a they celebrate a religious festival and to see how such a relatively small community.

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

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