Friday 20 July 2012

Old style Samui; 1979

Once more Dawn Farrell in Phuket alerted me on two pictures from way back on Koh Samui. Thanks a lot Dawn!

These pictures originate from 1979, a good ten years before the batch of pictures from 1989, that I posted previously. Great stuff, I love these kind of pictures!

1979, somewhere on the island

Harbor in Nathon, with a view on the city's 'skyline'

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, although there are only two of them, these kind of pictures are hard to come by!

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Anonymous said...

The first one is at the corner in Hua Thanon. Where the big tree fell down last year march.

Regards Richard

Camille said...

Thanks Richard, on the corner where there's a 7-11 now, right!

Anonymous said...

Yes there is. Was a bit unsure about location, but the corner and the houses makes it Hua Thanon

Camille said...

It looks the part! It's definitely a possibility.