Wednesday 4 July 2012

Samui Arena, get your dose of Futsal

After an early morning practice run with members of the Samui Runners Club, as preparation for the Samui Hill Challenge this coming 2nd September, I passed the Samui Arena on my way home and considered this to be a very good moment to actually stop and have a look at this Futsal Arena.

Samui Arena is the first step towards bringing professional football to the island

Front view of the Arena

The Samui Arena opened around October 2011 and has grown very popular with the local Thai male population.
Futsal is very popular in Thailand and the Thai national team ranks 11th currently on the worlds ranking list. I have also seen plenty of futsal stadiums in all sorts and sizes around Indonesia.

The sign near the entrance

The general pitch is made up of wood or artificial material, or similar surface, although any flat, smooth and non-abrasive material may be used. The Samui pitch has artificial grass as an underground on which the games are played.

An overview on the first pitch, in the background is a second pitch

With two pitches, plenty of teams can practice during the week. I assume that in weekends games are played but I haven't witnessed this personally yet. Maybe something I can do in the near future. Providing I find time between work, family and running!

One of the stands, above the entrance is another stand build

It's great that Samui has an Arena like this. The more sports facilities available on the island , the better it is! The Arena has a website, however, besides pointing you to their Facebook page, their Twitter account and a link to Google maps, nothing else is online, yet!

A picture of teams playing at the Arena, including playing schedules

Go and have a look, it looks rather cool and I can imagine it's good fun watching a game!
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