Tuesday 3 July 2012

Night bus between Bangkok and Koh Phangan crashed, fatalities and serious injured

Around 5.25am the night bus between Bangkok and Koh Phangan crashed, just shortly after passing Surat Thani city, near Kanchanadit on the way to the exit from the highway to the pier. They were almost there, just another 50km or so to go.

Current reports indicate that there 10 people died, 5 Westerners (1 male and 4 female) , currently their nationality is unknown and 5 Thai male nationals, including the driver and 17 people injured including 10 seriously.

Latest update is that 6 foreigners are killed (including one Indian national) and that the front right tire burst, causing the driver to lose control and the bus hit the electric pole at full speed. In contrast to the first reports by the police, where they believed that the driver fell asleep and hit an electricity pole and rolled over. 

Thai roads are dangerous, maybe more during the night than during the daytime, if possible, try to use trains if you can't afford flying since especially the night buses are dangerous. Unfortunately these kind of crashes with big buses but also with vans occur on a regular base around Thailand, be (fore) warned.

Drivers are not checked for alcohol or drugs abuse and especially the Southern buses are notorious for thefts and robberies. Many foreigners have complained about missing items and recently one passengers was stabbed a knife by a bus attendant over an argument about missing items. Some of the buses are operating illegally and without license.
This may sound as strange advise, but if you do board such a bus, check if the chairs are bolted to the floor. You don't want to get hit by a low fluing chair.

The company that operated this bus is Transport Co., Ltd, apparently a reputable company. It also seems that the bus was actually the bus heading for Koh Samui and not for Koh Phangang. It's possible that the buses in Bangkok were switched and although the side of the bus reads Bangkok - Koh Phangang, it was actually heading for Samui.

RIP to those that perished in this accident.

The picture comes from Springnewstv

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