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Friday, 6 July 2012

Coyote dancing as redemption?

Thailand has many different believes and spiritual and cultural differences compared to the West. Here's an interesting sample, from a Buddhist shrine in Bangkok.

Many Thais believe that when a god or spirit makes a wish come true, they must redeem the vow made when they asked for it to be granted. One extreme example of this belief can be witnessed at Baan Jujaka in Bangkok. Here, thousands of Jujaka statues, a greedy old Brahmin who lived as a beggar in Buddhist legend, are worshiped. Visitors to Baan Jujaka usually redeem their vow by offering coyote dancing – a provocative dance with sexually explicit moves – to the beggar spirit. Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong.

After this video, as posted in the Thaipadmag of the Bangkok Post, I can see hordes of guys going to visit this shrine to get a glimpse of the dancing.

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sulasno said...

Where is this Baan located?