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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Phun Phin run

Race day

Once more it was a race day, this morning the alarm went off at 4am in Surat Thani's Diamond Plaza hotel so I could get something to eat before we got in the car at 5am for the Phun Phin run.

The family together for teh Phun Phin race, promoting the Samui Hill Challenge this coming 2nd September

The kids and my wife ran a 3.5km fun run and I participated in a 13km run. My last training day was Tuesday, when I had a test run on the Hill Challenge route, today my muscles were still sore form that practice run! The first 5km were hard, after that I could pick up the pace a bit.

1st to 10th place for one of the young girls categories

As usual in the Thai races that I participated in so far, there were plenty of participants, a good 300 people were running the 13km run, I'm not sure how many participated in the fun run since they started after us but my wife thinks that were another 300 people.

I enjoy running the regional places in Thailand, slowly I start to recognize faces in the Southern races. This quote definitely comes to mind though;

Not all of us have running stories that include Olympic trials and world championship races. Most of us fight our running battles in community 10k runs, in marathons, or just in our daily workouts. But the lessons are the same.

- Adam Goucher & Tim Catalano

Next week it's off to Pattaya for the half marathon.

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