Thursday 19 July 2012

Kila Amphur Koh Samui 2012

Last year's Kila Amphur I missed due to work outside of Thailand but this year I was on the ball again! After a very early wake up call for our daughter at 3am, by 5.30am my alarm went off and by 7am we were well on our way to this years event.

In front of the main stand

The Kila Amphur sees all schools around the island participate in parades and sport event and stretches over several days. The parades for the 'kinder garden' schools started two days ago and Saturday is the final sports day.

The wheel of life is being carried around by one school

A very popular topic was the ASEAN theme this year and many schools opted for their students being dressed up with local clothes form ASEAN countries.

Pretty in pink

More schools opted for the more traditional Kila dress up, which includes 'drum major' and marching bands or depicting local folklore. See some drum major girls above. The variety in quality of dress up from school to school varies wildly. The above pictured dresses were among the top quality mark, at least in my opinion.

Old style Thai dress

Once you're on the field though, the long wait starts, school after school marches on to the ground and in front of the main stands, where a jury is positioned, all drum major groups give a performance, so it easily and quickly becomes a long day and long wait. On top of that it's either very hot or like this year, very clouded and when I had enough of the hanging around and ordered my clan back into the car, on our way home, it started to drizzle.

A marching band in scuba colors

Although we're in Thailand and food is widely available, it hardly raises over the junk food thresh hold and that wears thin after a while. All in all, I'm glad I went and saw my daughter parade on behalf of her school but it was high time to leave before noon. After a couple of hours being pounded by the same drum beat from various marching bands, a nice nap at home was something to look forward to!

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