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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the go

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the go

A few months back I encountered this beautiful addition to Food on Wheels; coffee on the go mobile in Nathon, here on Koh Samui. A perfect addition to the growing 'Food on Wheels' series with a nice and unique touch to it.

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the go: The front view of the car

It's a very old car or rather pick up, with the pick up part being transformed into the barista territory, as the pictures below will show. Many similar cars in Thailand have their pick up part of the car tailor made in order to sell various kinds of food.

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the go; Side view into the working area

The coffee on offer is the typical Thai style coffee, made with grounded fresh coffee, a long linen filter and lots of hot water poured into a cup.

The local mobile barista at work

The coffee made in this way is actually very enjoyable although in general can be a bit sweet. It takes just a few minutes to brew a coffee this way.

Food on Wheels; Coffee on the go; A peek into the 'kitchen'

If you have the opportunity and are a coffee drinker, it's well worthwhile trying to find a traditional Thai coffee. Especially early mornings, there are plenty of places where you can find this kind of coffee. I saw and drank my first coffee this way, way back in the mid nine-tees when I was travelling and found a few places in Trang.

A side view of the car, it gives you an idea how old the car may be

Hopefully you enjoyed this entry and moreover, are capable of finding your own Thai style coffee place to have a cuppa!

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