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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Coronation Day (วันฉัตรมงคล or wan chat-mong-kol)

Coronation Day (วันฉัตรมงคล or wan chat-mong-kol)

Every 5th May, since 1950, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the Thai nation celebrates Coronation Day วันฉัตรมงคล or wan chat-mong-kol. He was crowned Rama IX on 5th May 1950 (66 years ago) making him the world’s longest serving current head of state and the longest reigning monarch in Thai history.

He became King 4 years earlier, because he was only 18 years old, a decision was taken to allow the new monarch to complete his studies before he undertook the coronation ceremony. The official coronation took place on 5th May, 1950.

Coronation ceremonies last for three days, with Buddhist and Brahman ceremonies, concluding today with a merit making ceremony in Bangkok, where the Royal Thai Amy and Royal Thai Navy will fire a 21-gun salute to His Majesty at midday.

On May 3 there was a Buddhist ceremony at the Amarindra Vinichai Hall in the Grand Palace to pay respects to the ancestors of the Chakri House.

On Day 2 the coronation rites include a Brahmanic and Buddhist ceremony, followed on Day 3 (May 5) with a feast for Buddhist monks.

Later today decorations are bestowed on officials and civilians who have done meritorious services to the state and society.


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