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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Korean restaurant Arirang, Choengmon

Korean restaurant Arirang, Choengmon

After my recent visit to South Korea and the great food experiences I had there, it was time to visit a Korean restaurant on Samui.
The only one I currently know about is located in Choengmon, coming from the Boathouse direction Chaweng, it's located at a row of houses about a kilometer from the Boathouse at your left hand side and there's a yellow sign outside.

The very typical pair of scissors to cut the meat

Korean is a lot about meat and one of the most popular ways of consuming this is to order plenty of meat and put it on a hot grill, cut it in pieces once it's done and than wrap it in a piece of salad and add Kimchi as you like.

A selection of kimchi

Two of our friends joined us and although they didn't know what to expect, they really enjoyed it. My wife and me had Korean food in this style already and having been to Korea now, I knew what to expect. I'm glad out friends enjoyed it though!

Above is Kimbap, a kind of sushi which is available all over Korea and very popular. You can buy it in local variations of a 7-11 and comes in different tastes. This was also very nice and tasteful.

Enjoying the meal

The taste of the food was very much the same as in Korea and many local Samui Korean residents visit the restaurant which shows that they enjoy it and in my book proofs that quality food is served.

If you haven't tried Korean food yet or if you are familiar with this kind of food, I can highly recommend Arirang and the price of the food is fine, without alcohol we stuffed 4 adults and 2 children for around 1.500,-THB.


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