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Friday, 30 September 2011

Goodbye to September, 2011

Goodbye to September, 2011

The weather during this September was a little bit less than during an average September.
The beginning of the month was nice with plenty of sunshine but the second half saw plenty of rain during the afternoons and evenings, although nothing really more than strong showers, mostly no longer than an hour. There was some heavy and strong wind during the second part of the month.
I would rate this month just a tad little bit below average, just like previous editions it was a mixed bag with bits and pieces of sunshine but also enough showers, mainly during the evenings and nights.

Koh Samui got lucky compared to the rest of Thailand, especially the Northern provinces. In total around 140 people died due to storms and flooding. Samui got spared this time which is nice, especially considering that around late March and early April our island had it's share of rain and flooding.

Early September saw me conducting a PADI IDC on Koh Phangan with 3 candidates. Right now. towards the end of this month I'm in the middle of conducting a PADI IDC on Koh Samui.

There were plenty of other activities during this month, to start with my Food on Wheels series, this month cowboy style.
For the second year in a row I ran the quarter marathon of the Princess Cup on Koh Samui.
There was also a visit and review of Arirang, a Korean restaurant in Choengmon, which we visited twice this month! Go and try it out, it's really good and makes for something different.
September also sees Thaa Yai and this year I happened to be on Samui once more during this event so I could celebrate with my family.

Than there is the controversial video footage by Ja Turbo which caused some ripples in Thai society with it's sexually explicit footage.

All in all a decent month and I'm looking forward to October. Next month a trip to Bangkok is scheduled to get a new passport, possibly with another trip to Dream World which will make the children happy and another PADI IDC on Koh Samui is set to start late in the month.


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