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Friday, 23 September 2011

Food on Wheels; Cowboy Chicken

Food on Wheels; Cowboy Chicken

This time my entry about my Food on Wheels series is based partly on the 'coolness' of the vendor. His preferred location seems to be near the Plai Laem market area.

Barbecued chicken in all kinds of variations are for sale, especially the liver is good!

Whenever my son sees him he calls him 'cowboy' and his trade mark hat definitely gives him a cowboy look. usually he's pretty sharp dressed in jeans, matching shirts and shoes or boots this in total contrast to your average vendor that runs around in his shorts and flip flops and most of the time a nondescript t-shirt.

Mobile barbecued chicken. including a foldable umbrella in case of rain or heavy sunshine

His assortment of barbecued chicken is well worth checking out, I particularly like his chicken livers. If you pass by the market and see him, it's worthwhile checking him out and buying a chicken leg or two!


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