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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Controversy in Thai society because of a sexually explicit video

Controversy in Thai society because of a sexually explicit video

Recently a video on You Tube with very explicit sexual content by the overnight sensation Ja Turbo caused shock waves in Thai society and Hi-so hypocrites are now portrayed as shameless as immoral low-so entertainers. This is an interesting development in Thailand which likes to portray itself as a very traditional country with supposedly above average moral views and behavior.

Ja Turbo with Hi-so host Woody on the right

Dirty dancing leaves everybody in spin

"Describe the online community any way you want – powerful, fickle or suspicious – but, overnight, it has all but redeemed the most controversial Thai female teen singer of the hour and put a well-loved celebrity on a pillory of hatred and anger. Ja Turbo, whose real name is Nongpanee Mahadtai, had put on a show that made Michael Jackson’s crotch-grabbing move look like a teasing act in a parents’ day performance. The YouTube clip of her show has attracted 15 million views and counting. Naturally, she came under fire from left, right and centre. Until Woody came along, that is.

He invited “Nong Ja” to his show and asked some hard-hitting questions, some of which, critics say, were his own thinly-veiled commentaries. Woody was joined by two like-minded commentators who helped create an impression of holier-than-thou adults character assassinating a helpless teen who had been forced to be naughty and bitchy to stay competitive in a fierce nighttime entertainment business.

The rest, as they say, is history. The online world re-evaluated and then embraced her while turning against him. If the compassion showered upon Ja was amazing, the extreme hostility towards Woody was shocking. He has been cursed, scolded, scorned and virtually torn to pieces on YouTube. Tens of thousands of stinging feedbacks prompted the TV host to clarify his stand, which probably has made things worse."

The video in question by Ja Turbo

Considering what kind of reputation Thailand really has outside of Thailand, one of a sex holiday destination and the lack of control over said industry because too many people in high places make lots of money off of this industry, it's indeed questionable to say the least how the so called hi-so society of Thailand reacted to this phenomena.

Here's an interview with Nongpanee Mahadthai, aka Ja Turbo.

It will be an interesting story to follow.


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