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Monday, 12 September 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 12th September, 2011

Today's weather;

Back on Koh Samui which is great but the weather is not that great this morning. A cloudy sky and strong winds prevail. Current temp is 26.7C at 7am.
By tomorrow the weather should be back to 'normal' and the strong winds should have gone away.

A cloudy sky in Plai Laem this morning

Yesterday saw a cloud covered day but not as bad as predicted, yes, there was a strong wind and around 3.30pm there was some rain whilst I was waiting for the ferry to Samui as well but in general it was nicer than I thought it would be. Max temp reached 30.5C



Carolyne said...

Hi Camille, my daughter Camilla(!) is heading for Koh Samui in the next
week, I hear the monsoon is early - what are the conditions like for diving
(she is a beginner but wants to do a PADI course) thanks

Camille said...

Hi Carolyne,

The weather forecast is rather good for Samui and diving conditions should be fine, good enough to complete and enjoy the course for Camilla!
If she's interested in the Open Water diver course, I can help her out with that.