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Monday, 12 September 2011

Shopping for Thaa Yai

Shopping for Thaa Yai

Tomorrow is the yearly Thaa Yai, so there was some shopping that needed to be done. We were in Nathon anyway, to sort out my yearly visa at Immigration, so it was not too difficult to stop at the local market.

There lots of different local sweets that are only made for this yearly Southern event. The local markets have all these goods on display and for sale.

It's interesting to see how various sweets and foods just show up once a year but how you somehow become familiar with them nonetheless.

This was a new variation

Of course the flowers can't be forgotten

Tomorrow it will be a very early rise so we can be at Wat Plai Laem around 6am. See you there? If you want to experience some local folklore, that's the place to be!



jackreed said...

been enjoying your blog as me and my fiance intend to visit Koh Samui next September. Is Thaa Yai each September or does it change each year, as it looks interesting.... especially the sweets

Camille said...

Hi Jack,

Thaa Yai is each year around September. You can check it out in my search box, I've been reporting about it on a regular base.

jackreed said...