Sunday 18 September 2011

Princess Cup, Samui Island Marathon 2011

Princess Cup, Samui Island Marathon 2011

This morning at 5.30am saw the start of the quarter marathon, as part of the Princess Cup, Samui Island Marathon 2011. Just like last year, I participated in this event and in the quarter marathon.

Big poster in Nathon for this years event

It seemed not as busy as last year but that could be because of the flooding all around the mainland. It was still busy though and plenty of people along the road were cheering the runners.
Due to my busy schedule recently, I didn't have time to train for another half marathon, as in Phuket earlier this year, hence the quarter marathon. Up till the half mark I was doing fine but after the turn I was slowing down a bit.

Jorge and me in front of a sign with the route on it

My time was not that great, 59.15 minutes for 11,6km (slightly more than a quarter marathon) but I'm happy that I came in just under an hour. Jose, on the picture on the right, was running as well, he is participating in the September IDC on Koh Samui! Originating from Chile, he made this years event truly international besides various Asian, European and the winning Kenyan nationalities.

The start of the quarter marathon, 5.30am this morning

My next run will be in Bangkok, 8th October, a midnight run over 12km on Sukhumvit road!

Looking forward to more running this year and next year!



Paul Garrigan said...

Under an hour sounds impressive to me. Well done Camiille!

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

It's not too bad but I was aiming at around 55 minutes. Am not in great shape right now, sore throat and muscle pain since two weeks almost but don't feel sick, strange one, seems to go around the islands here.

Turns out that my time is in sync with my 'normal' running time average, according to my stats.

Hope your Muay Thai training will be going fine again!

Anonymous said...

I ran same quarter marathon with you but in the 25-29 age group. My time was 49 minutes and it was a little bit more than I expected. I thought that the distance could be slightly longer than 10K and now I see you saying it was 11,6 km. How do you know that?

p.s. thanks for posting video ))

Camille said...


The official distance was around 10.6km but my Suunto M5 computer listed 11.6km

Good time, that would've gotten me in the top 3 of my age category ;-)