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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 4th September, 2011

Today's weather;

Koh Phangan and Samui have a light cloud cover, most likely to be dispersed by the sun soon and it's slightly windy. Current temp at 7am is 26.5C

Sunset yesterday on Koh Phangan

Yesterday saw a beautiful morning on both Samui and Koh Phangan but around 2.30pm a dark storm passed by which lasted about an hour. Strong wind and tiny bits of rain. Afterwards everything cleared up again and there's was a nice star studded sky last night. Max temp reached 33.5C



Diane said...

I am helping my son plan a honeymoon to the beaches in southern Thailand
May 8-16, 2011 and want to know what beach is the best to go during this
time (wanting good seas, (as they want to island hop) and not rain every
day. They have heard the western coast (Phi phi, koh Lanta, Phuquet, Krabi)
are much prettier than Koh Samui, but Samui weather is more reliable at
this time in May? They want a quiet romantic smaller boutique hotel on the
beach/with sea views. They can spend $300/night for accommodations. They
want to snorkel, bike, hike, island hop, experience Thai cuisine, take a
thai cooking class, tour the caves, long boaat, ect. The dramatic
limestone rocks of the Andaman coast really appeal to them, but not in
pouring rain! We do hear it may rain only an hour and then a full day of
sunshine. But we also hear the island tours only operate Nove until April
because of rough seas!
Can you please advise and help with the destiantion and tours?

Camille said...

Hi Diane,

Most of what you researched is true, the weather on Samui is most likely better in may compared to the West coast.

It’s hard to say how the weather will be on either side but please have a look at my archives, half way down the page on my Samui info and weather blog, left hand side, they go back a few years. Open a month that you’re interested in and check one of the of the last posts of each month, starting with ‘Goodbye to…………’ this post will tell you the weather conditions for that month.
You can also check each individual post for that month if you wish to.

All activities that you mention can be undertaken on Koh Samui.

Hope this helps for now.