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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Goodbye to April 2017

Goodbye to April 2017

Just as this is also the last day of the week, it's also the last day of the month and that means that it's time to say Goodbye to April 2017.

The start of the month was very strange and very unusual for April. There were thunderstorms and floods a plenty during that first April week of 2017! The second time this year and the third time within five months. In all fairness, it wasn't as bad as during the December 2016 or January 2017 floods, but they did attract attention. Plus, as already mentioned, they were rather unusual floods for this time of the year!

After that first week, the weather turned nice quickly though and it was back to normal almost overnight. Especially last week the heat was turned up with max temps reaching 35C

Goodbye to April 2017

Goodbye to April 2017; Temple party at Wat Na Phra Lan in Maenam, next to the Lompraya pier. A small and quiet party of what once used to be one of the more influential temples on the island

The big event this month was Songkran or the Thai New Year celebrations. A good time was had in Chaweng with the family and it was busy.
For food we visited the usual suspects, Kobori, excellent Japanese food in Maenam and Nathon. Juzza Pizza was also on the list in Fisherman's Village and some awesome pork sateh and 'rad na' at Dcheed 2 at the ring road in Chaweng.

Here's to Goodbye to April 2017 and bring May 2017 on, as of tomorrow! See you all next month.

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onyebuchi isu said...

HI Camille Lemmens,

nice brief update on the weather condition and again the wonderful suggestions on what to do next after relaxing either in the tent wherever you are or whatever.