Friday 21 August 2009

Kabuto Teppanyaki, Japanese restaurant in Bophud

Kabuto Teppanyaki, Japanese restaurant in Bophud

Unfortunately Kabuto Teppanyaki has closed it's doors

Who thought that after the culinary tour around Samui, as described yesterday, that I would be back on a diet, well think twice! I did start running again yesterday but to my own surprise I found myself and my family being invited to something completely different by a good friend who unexpectedly showed up at our doorstep. That something completely different is the Kabuto Teppanyaki restaurant on the ring road near the traffic lights in Bophud.

If you're not familiar with the Teppanyaki concept, it's a great Japanese culinary adventure which includes a show in which the food that you ordered is prepared at your table. The table has an iron griddle that is used for cooking the food and the chefs make a show out of using the knifes and food by throwing them around and in the air, all over the place. Great fun and interesting to watch.

The entrance to the restaurant on the ring road, currently, due to high season being in full swing, it's recommendable to make a reservation, but also because they only have two Teppanyaki tables, each can seat up to 6 or 8 people, it's probably wise to make a reservation anyways at 077 245 017.

The Teppanyaki table ready for use.

Our chef swinging his knife around to cut some shrimps on the griddle. The chef's are constantly making a show by throwing utensils and food around but catching it all the time perfectly.

With the fried rice, they play around a lot and it also involves a whole show in which an egg is the star player and the audience at the table get involved. Great fun indeed.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and classy and besides Teppanyaki, they also serve regular standard Japanese fair like Sushi and Sashimi and all the other dishes that make the Japanese kitchen so nice.
It's good to see another Japanese restaurant emerge after the great food that can be had at Yamato in Chaweng.
For a nice dinner with an interesting visual stimulant and a great show to boost, Kabuto Teppanyaki comes highly recommended.


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