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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Prize or fight buffalo?

Prize or fight buffalo?

Driving around the island today, I encountered for the first time a buffalo dressed up this way. I'm not quite sure where it was going or what it was doing, but it almost looked he was on his way to a buffalo fight! Something rather popular in the South of Thailand and especially on Samui. It could also be that he was on his way to be blessed by the monks, I couldn't figure it out.

The name of the buffalo, as written on his blanket, is Dam Hanuman Noi, a rather important feat to know, according to my wife.



Monique said...

Kleine zwarte Hanuman ... ik wil de grote versie niet tegenkomen! Ik ben d'r eigenlijk nog steeds niet achter of al die waterbuffels hier nu alleen gebruikt worden voor de gevechten? Fijn weekend Camille!

Camille Lemmens said...

Volgens mij staan sommige er gewoon als landschapsvulling bij ;-)

Monique said...

Nog altijd beter dan moeten vechten ;)