Sunday 2 August 2009

Villa Bianca Italian Restaurant, Bophud/Fisherman's Village

Villa Bianca Italian Restaurant, Bophud/Fisherman's Village

Due to an unexpected visit of my Pattaya based cousin, which whom I visited Zico's Brazilian restaurant in Chaweng about a week ago, we ended up with both our families this time in Bophud or what some of you nowadays better know as 'Fisherman's Village', the well preserved old Chinese style part of Bophud.

Villa Bianca is located on the beach and is nestled in amongst the converted old Chinese shop-houses overlooking the water in Bophud village.

Everything is in white, just like the menu as pictured above, in the restaurant which gives the place an undeniably Mediterranean feel, which also reflects very well in the menu.

The dining area is overlooking Bophud's beach and is very romantic, especially if you can secure a table at or near the beach side, with a beautiful view over the bay and the glimmering lights of Koh Phangan in the distance.

We were with a party of about 10 including a few children and children meals were taken care of swiftly by the staff which made it also an enjoyable dining experience. As a starter I ordered 'Trio di formaggio al forno' or baked 3 cheeses with Italian pannatta extra virgin olive oil, grounded black pepper and a bed of mixed organic salad.

My main was the 'Pappardelle gusto zafferano alla bascaiolo' or in English; home made saffron pappardelle's, a long flat pasta served with the rich flavour of imported wild porcini mushrooms.
It's a delicious dish and one of my table companions had the Risotto with Porcini mushrooms and enjoyed his dish also very much.
All in all an enjoyable location and a nice dining experience which I can recommend. Reservations can be made under this phone number; 077 245 041.


Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Camille , I put on 5 lbs. just looking at those pictures of those wonderful dishes , If they taste as good as they look it would be like dying and going to heaven for a food acholic like me. Ha ha great post and the best part of it was you were sharing it with friends and family . have a good week . Malcolm

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Malcolm,

If you ever wash up on these shores, I can take you to a couple of nice places and yes, sharing it with friends and family is a very good part of the experience.

Edelweiss Cowgirl said...

My boyfriend and I were on Koh Samui for Christmas 2006 and had Christmas dinner at this restaurant. They served some of the best baked turkey I've ever had (and as an American, I know my turkey!). We ended up going back there a couple of days later to celebrate my birthday. What a great find!