Thursday 20 August 2009

Culinary tour around Koh Samui

Culinary tour around Koh Samui

It was indeed a culinary tour around the island with my friend Marc and his family and my sister and her family visiting during the last two weeks. We visited plenty of restaurants around the island and they rank among my fave places on Samui.

My sister and my friend both spend a lot of time on the beach and the only non beach activity besides eating was our trip around the island and diving when I taught a PADI Open Water diver course to my friend and his wife and had a Discover Scuba Diving experience with my friends and my sisters children!

Let's have a look at them restaurants that we visited though in no particular order;

The Japanese chain Fuji was visited twice, once with my friend and my sister and one time with my sisters and my family. Decent Japanese food for a very reasonable price. An update on this place will follow sometime soon in the near future.

The best sate on the island was enjoyed by my sister and my families at Dcheed 2, the kids loved it and 125 sate sticks were killed off in no time! Besides the sate, they also have a very enjoyable Raad Na dish.

The waterfall at Baan Namuang with it's Isaan style place was visited as well and to my surprise, they all loved the Laab and chicken dishes we ordered both Marc and my sisters family.

Il Mulino, Chaweng's ultimate Italian bakery was visited was Marc and his family for a good selection of breads and small pieces of pizza.

Prego in Chaweng was visited with all of us, a party of 13! As usual an outstanding menu was served and a good time was had by all here. The picture shows a dessert and just the composition and presentation of it makes you go yummy! One of my fave Italian places.

Baan Boran, also located in Chaweng, near Chaweng lake was a first time visit for me and my and my sisters family had a nice dinner and saw a fascinating Thai puppet show.

Both Marc, my friend and his family and my sisters family visited a Thai wedding, a week apart from each other where some outstanding local Thai food was served and it was quite an experience for both of them which they enjoyed tremendously.

The Chef, once more in Chaweng, was another first timer for me and we all visited here together, since it was Marc's family last night on Samui and conveniently located across the road of First Bungalow Beach Resort where they were staying.

Duomo was visited twice. My brother in law, Martin, found the pizza's here outstanding and thought the food here even better than at Prego! One thing that definitely has improved is the air conditioning which makes every place a lot more agreeable. The food was nonetheless great and Duomo comes highly recommended.

My favorite Thai restaurant on the island; Sabeinglae in Lamai, one time visited with Marc and one time with my sister. Both had grilled lobsters, as pictured above. This place comes also highly recommended although it may be a bit out of the way if you stay at Chaweng or even more Northern parts of the island like Bophud, Maenam or Choengmon.

Last but not least, with a friend who was travelling from the airport to Koh Tao we had a lovely lunch at Angela's in Maenam, much to the envy of my sister who didn't make it here this time around! Definitely a place not to miss out on.
So, a couple of kilo's of gained weight later, these are the places where we ate and they were all good and enjoyable. There are plenty of places that i even haven't described on my blog or that I did write about, but we didn't visit. We just had a limited amount of time and loads of children with us and a party varying from 13 to 9, so we had to make it convenient as well. In other words, there are plenty of other options still out there but these will satisfy you, now go out and explore for yourselves, for me it's now back to the diet again.


Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Camille , Glad you had such a great visit with your friends and family , that's what makes life enjoyable,and what a great place for them to visit, and with family and a friend, here to show the them the sights , my friends and family love it ,that we live here or they would never have thought of visting Thailand . And I'm sure they enjoyed all the good food to be found here in Thailand , and looks like you found a few good places to take them to eat , and the trip by pictures for us bloogers , WOW , made me sooo hungry I had to go get a snack . ha ha Malcolm

Mike said...

Camille great pics and lots of useful information.

I think having friends and family over is great and it reminds us of what a great place this is.

Living here everyday you sometimes forget that.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for checking in and yes, it is good to have friends and family around and especially to show them all the good places and discover a new one or two as well!