Tuesday 4 August 2009

Update on the Samui airport crash

Update on the Samui airport crash

As a follow up to my earlier report, a couple of hours ago, here's an update. The sad news is that the pilot of the flight has indeed been killed and that there are now only 9 passengers injured out of which 7 severely. Here's a list of the injured.
Passengers stranded at Samui airport are to be transported by ferry to Surat Thani airport and the airport remains closed until further notice.

In contrast to earlier reports, only the pilot has been killed, at this very moment and hopefully it remains like that. RIP to the pilot and his family.

The following pictures have not been taken by me but show the structural damage to the aircraft.

A view from the rear of the plane.

The nose of the plane disappeared into the unused control tower.

The nose of the plane took the full brunt of the hit, that's most likely why the pilot was killed and the co pilot injured. The passengers may have been saved and helped by the fact that the luggage compartment is directly behind the cockpit and most likely the luggage compartment absorbed a lot of the impact.

Here one can clearly see how the cockpit got almost compressed into the old control tower.

Amazingly no fire broke out, which must have saved various lives.

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