Sunday 30 August 2009

Goodbye to August 2009

Goodbye to August 2009

This month went by like a flash and there were some great ups for me but also a down part towards the end.

Weather wise it didn't start out that great, with some hard winds, heavy storms and a lot of rain at times and speedboat traffic had to be cancelled for a few days. This was all in the first week of August.

It was also family and friends visiting time this month. The day or rather the moment my friend and his family arrived at Nathon pier, the airplance crash that put Samui in the spotlight for a few days happened pretty much simultaneously.
Shortly after my friend arrived, my sister and her family arrived and it was a busy but a good time and the good times rolled indeed. I taught a PADI Open Water diver course to my friend and also had some Discover Scuba Diving experiences with the children of the respective families.

We also had some good fun going on a tour around the island one day with all 3 families and we had some good food during their stay as well.

During their stay we had fantastic weather with plenty of sunshine and the beach was a favorite spot for all of them most of the time.

All good times tend to end however and after both my friend and my sister and their respective families had left, it was back to work again and I started an IDC again.

Pretty simultaneously by when starting the IDC my son was admitted to a hospital with a suspect for Dengue fever and my wife was admitted as well during the same period. All are back home again though and my wife has blood being checked for Thyroid, result this coming Friday.

In the meantime, the weather has not maintained it's sunny side and last week saw the occasional shower again, hard(er) wind and a lot of overcast.

Hopefully things clear up again in September. Thanks for checking in, if you like my blog, sign up for the RSS feed and I hope to keep seeing you back here.


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