Thursday 6 August 2009

Namuang Waterfall Isaan style food, Baan Namuang

Namuang Waterfall Isaan style food, Baan Namuang

In my earlier post about one of our visits to Baan Namuang Waterfall, I already mentioned that there some good restaurant there with good and delicious Isaan style food. Today I'm actually going to talk about the place that in my opinion the best choice there.

As this sign shows, the owner was already spotted by one of the culinary magazines on Samui, before I get a chance to post about it, but it's the restaurant pretty much located in the middle of the 3 or 4 places that serve food there, between the parking lot and the actual waterfall. The restaurants are located at your right hand, walking from the parking lot.

This is the actual place that I'm referring to, although they may look similar, the poster in the previous picture at their 'entrance' is a give away.

The main man himself at the BBQ chicken stand or in Thai the 'Kai Yang'. They come with a very nice, spicy sauce and taste delicious.

Here's our table with the chicken, some laab and fresh coconut juice to drink. Most of the times when we visit the waterfalls, we decide a small (or sometimes bigger) bite here.

The fresh coconut juice preparation, a welcome and refreshing drink after running around at the waterfall and the looking at the elephants, a fave pastime of my 4 year old son.


Anonymous said...

We definitely agree, the best chicken on Samui! For us, every time we are on Samui, a must to go there. Also the fried rice and yam wonsen is lovely. Like your web site very much
Marion and Toni

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Marion and Toni,

Thanks for checking in and following my blog, I appreciate it!

Good you see that you like their chicken too.