Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Raan Kao Man Gai Dae Ngiab in Bophud

Raan Kao Man Gai Dae Ngiab in Bophud

This is one of the older restaurants on the island and was my first introduction to Kao Man Gai, years ago!

The name of the place is Dae Ngiab, Ngiab being the name of the owner and Dea a Chinese name for Pa.

My order was a portion of Moo Klob, crispy pork with a slightly sweet and sour red sauce. In the Netherlands it would come close to the Indonesian style Babi Pangang which is very popular in Dutch Chinese restaurants.
This dish was already described in my review of another Kao Man Gai restaurant in Lamai, Hai Lam. The Lamai place wins hands down when it comes down to taste in my opinion although Dae Ngiab tastes good.

This is the actual Kao Man Gai portion. You can order a big portion as well! The table you sit at has various sauces that you can put on top of the chicken. When I just discovered this dish, I came to this place at least once a week to have my dose of Kao Man Gai! It's also a very economic option, a dish goes for around 30,-THB.

An insight in the place where it all happens, the kitchen. This place hasn't changed in all the 9 years that I've been on the island!

Kao Man Gai Dae Ngiab is easy to find, it's located at the corner coming or going from Bophud or the Fisherman's Village, just near the red light where the big Fisherman's Village sign is.
This restaurant is definitely old style Samui and I would even consider it an 'institution' on Samui.
It is usually crowded with local office and shop workers from the area and sees plenty of Westerners frequenting this place as well! Definitely worthwhile checking out and trying it if in the neighbourhood.

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