Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye to December 2008!

It's time for another goodbye for a lovely month!

December 2008 was a good month concerning the weather, similar to last year. There was plenty of sunshine and not a lot of rain, except as it seems, the last day of the year, right now! Last year we also had a bit of rain on the last day of the year!

Samui is absolutely packed right now, it's very busy and it's actually been a while since I've seen it that busy, I hope that when the real acid test comes around March/April next year, it will be busy again.

We had some fantastic food over December, with a definite highlight of Sabeinglae in Lamai, Prego and Il Duomo in Chaweng, both Italian ristorante's and Il Molino an Italian bakery in Chaweng. Dcheed 2 in Chaweng also never seems to disappoint when it comes to Moo Sateh.

Other than that, I think it's good that Thailand got back on track politically, although PM Abhisit's cabinet looks rather shaky and full of compromises.

All the best for 2009 and I hope I will see you again next year.


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