Monday, 15 December 2008

Isaan style Restaurant Tam Saeb, Chaweng

Isaan style Restaurant Tam Saeb, Chaweng

Many times we drove by this fairly new Isaan food style restaurant on the ring road in Chaweng, and at last we managed to stop here today, which both of our kids at a respective set of parents!
The restaurant's menu had their name translated as Tam Zaap, which to me, doesn't make much sense, my own Tam Saeb translation makes more sense to me. Saeb in the Isaan language meaning the same as 'arroy' in the Thai language, or something like 'tasteful' or saying that the food tastes good!

The outside road sign, near the traffic lights at the Tesco Lotus junction, travelling towards Lamai. This restaurant is open during the day time but it seems to be the only real Isaan style restaurant that is open during the evening/night.

The menu does contain lots of Isaan style food, but has also a huge 'Thai' and Western section, to keep the husbands/boyfriends of the Isaan lasses happy!

The place seems very popular and the two pictures above show an insight in the kitchen area. It's spacious and seems to be clean.

We ordered a bunch of Isaan style food, the above dish, Muu Manau (spicy pork with lemon sauce), a very nice and spicy sauce with some excellent pork was served in this dish!

This dish is a variation of the classic Som Tam dish, probably Isaan's most favorite dish! Som Tam is usually made with green papaya but a variation with Isaan style Pla Ra (fermented fish)or puu (crab) is very common.
This was a very special som tam though, a first for my, it was Som Tam tod, a newish deep fried version and it tasted well!
Definitely a place we will look up more often and try more of their extensive menu.

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