Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Khao Hom Restaurant, former 'One Dollar Cafe' in Bang Rak.

Khao Hom Restaurant, former 'One Dollar Cafe' in Bang Rak.

During the recent EFRI training as part of my last IDC, we had our lunch break at the newly renamed Khao Hom restaurant, formerly known as 'One Dollar Cafe'.

The interior has been changed and it looks more spacious now with an out in the open, bigger kitchen and more tables.

Some of the new tables are now really cosy and intimate. The setting is excellent.

The food is now a bit more expensive as the former 'One Dollar Cafe' but still good and cheap enough to warrant a visit. The restaurant is located opposite the resort that Bangkok Air ways uses as their local resort for staff to stay at, so plenty of their staff frequents the place and also plenty of other local Thai people visit Khao Hom, besides plenty of tourists and local expats. Always a good sign!
This picture shows a Penang curry with squid.

This picture shows a chicken sweet and sour dish. It's all good and decent food, worthwhile a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.



Anonymous said...

Next time when i come to Samui, i will try it also. It looks good the food i mean. I saw the reastaurant many times whilst driving to the World resort.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Richard,

It may have been closed when you were here!

Worthwhile checking out though, also around the corner from the bungalows where you stayed at.

Anonymous said...

I know. Will cerainly go to that one