Saturday, 27 December 2008

More fun or a visit to the dentist!

More fun or a visit to the dentist!

Yes, you're reading right, the Thai word for dentist sounds similar to 'more fun'! 'Fun' is the Thai word for tooth and 'Moh' is the word for doctor, so I went to see a Moh Fun over the last three days, a Christmas well spend!

It was actually not that bad at all, just had some tartar removed one day and 5 holes fixed over two more days. That's what you get for not visiting your dentist on a regular base.

My Moh Fun of choice is Dr. Jimmy in Chaweng, I've been visiting him since the first time I needed a dentist on the island and have been going back ever since. I've had a short flinch with another dentist over a crown, but when I showed up at the appointment I was first made to wait almost an hour and secondly the moment I sat down, the arranged fee was raised with 500,-THB, out of nowhere. I just walked out and have been with Dr. Jimmy again and to my full satisfaction I must say ever since.

He runs outlets at two different locations, one in Nathon where he serves the teeth in need from Monday through Wednesday from 7.30 - 17.00, even throwing in half of a Sunday from 8.00 - 12.00 and from Thursday to Saturday he's in Chaweng from 9.30 - 20.00. His shop in Chaweng looks a lot like the picture above and is located opposite Focus supermarket in Chaweng or next to Travel Line Service or if that doesn't help, two or three houses down from The Wave, a backpacker guesthouse! If you know the sandy short cut road to the Lake Road from the one way system, it's also opposite there!

This is where it all happens and over the years I've spend a few hours in this chair and the one he has in Nathon! The people that needed his services and were recommended by me all were happy with his service.
Nowadays there are dental clinics all over the place on Samui and to be frankly, I can't be bothered to check them out since I know Dr. Jimmy now for about 7 or 8 years and see no need to change, since he delivers good service and quality work for a very reasonable price with 16 years of experience!
If you can't find him in due time or need urgent tooth treatment, you can try the dental clinics at respectively Samui International Hospital or Bangkok-Samui Hospital.
Dr. Jimmy's info is; Nathon; 077 421 219 and in Chaweng it's 077 230 421

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