Friday, 26 December 2008

Mickey's Kuaitiao hole in the wall place in Chaweng

Mickey's Kuaitiao hole in the wall place in Chaweng

There's no other way I can describe her place. It is a hole in the wall kinda place and it doesn't has a name as Mickey, the owner/cook, told me, so this is it! After yesterday's visit to Prego quite a change of scenery but a good one nonetheless!

Kuaitiao is a noodle soup, one of the dishes Mickey dishes out, besides plenty of 'a la carte' dishes! No curries or coconut based dishes though!

It's a lovely place for some good, simple and cheap Thai food, no chance for a menu, so you better know what you want when you step inside! Mickey is friendly though and speaks a limited amount of English, enough to help you out.

This is how it looks from the front, it's located near Pee Soon. Where the one way system starts in Chaweng (downtown), hand a right instead of going straight. After about a good kilometer, there's Pee Soon's square on the left and a road that leads to the airport departure area goes off to the left, another 100 meters further down on your left hand is where Mickey's place is at.

Mickey in full swing! The place is so popular nowadays that lots of people go there for take away, which may make a relatively long wait for your food to show up. Besides the take away brigade, there's also plenty of mainly Thais that sit down and just order and eat at the premises.

Today I ordered this Pad Thai Plaa Meuk (stir fried noodles with squid) and they come in a neat egg pancake. As already mentioned, the food is good and simple and very straightforward and also very cheap! This Pad Thai was 30,-THB.

One more shot from across the street, where I stand almost in front of a 7-11.
If you can find it, give it a try and enjoy!

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