Sunday, 14 December 2008

14th December, 2008

Today's weather;

It's a straight blue sky reigning over Samui today with a current temp of 25.3C at 7 am.

Yesterday saw a lot of sunshine and in general a nice day. Max temp reached around 30C.

Tomorrow may be an imported day, since a new PM will be elected and chances are it will be the Democrat Abhisit.



Anonymous said...

Ja! Heute war schönes Wetter! Es hat geschneit und der Adventskranz hat auch schön gebrannt!

Camille Lemmens said...

Andere laender, andere sitten! ;-)

Huh, oder..............;-)

Anonymous said...

Schnee in Deutschland? Hier nicht. klar und trocken aber kalt. Niederlande mein ich.