Sunday 7 September 2008

Lady boxing in Lamai

Lady boxing in Lamai
Tonight, tonight, Muay Thai, Chaweng Stadium, Chaweng Stadium, get the seats early, get the seats early.
Who has been to Samui and visited Chaweng, most likely heard this utterly annoying (at least after 9 years although it become annoying fairly quickly!) on a regular base. Noise pollution is an understatement.
Not being a big fan of Muay Thai, I never been to any fights in either of the Chaweng Stadiums, but funnily enough do find myself back at a regular irregular base in Lamai on Saturday evenings.
Every Saturday there's lady boxing in Lamai and it's great fun.
There are fights between two girls, usually girls that work in a beer bar and they really go for it. If they win they get a couple of Thousand Baht, a lot more than they would make during any given night working at their respective bars.
The lady fights are on and off between guys fighting and again, the guys go for it and it's not the first time that someone had to be carried or helped off the stage.

The fighting ring is located upon entering Lamai's one way street system, opposite the 'original' 7-11 is a cluster of beer bars that never seem to be really busy, except each Saturday night when the boxing event is on.

Chairs and tables are arranged around the ring and everybody is welcome, no entrance fee is required (in contrast to Chaweng where the cheapest ticket is around 1.000,-THB).

The jury at work

The fights usually start around 10.30 pm and there's always a mixed crowd, expats, tourists, families and Thais a like enjoy the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the ring, although during some fights the crowd gets excited easily by the fights and yells support along!

A great time to be had on your Saturday evening, surely not to be missed!



Anonymous said...

Het blijt een leuk tijdverdrijf.
;-) Nog gegeten bij de Zweed?

Camille Lemmens said...

Nee, deze keer alleen maar naar het boksen wezen kijken!

Anonymous said...

Hey Camille. Sorry for the lack of comments recently. Women's boxing - think I went to see that while I was in Samui. Good times... :)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

I clearly remember you having some good times here!

How's life in Oki?

Anonymous said...

Camille, I am coming to Thailand on 25th September with my partner and daughter aged 7. We are spending 2 days in Bangkok and 14 on Koh Samui, We came last year without our daughter and had a fab time.

With all thats happening in Thailand, i am anxious regarding the state of emergency, Also, I have heard that train travel is disrupted. - We were intending to get night train from bangkok???

What is your advice?

I have been reading your Blog for a while now and think it's great of you to give up your time doing this for people who need to find info out!!!!

Any advice for a worried Mother???

Thanks Camille

Camille Lemmens said...


Let's hope that the political situation will be sorted by the end of September. The State of Emergency only prohibited more than 5 people to gather, which was completely ignored and any power giving to the Army was actually declined by that same Army.

Not sure about the current state of rail traffic but again, I would expect them to run again by the time you arrive in Thailand. It's all a lot less disruptive than your average French or Italian strike where half the country is shut down.

Thanks for following my blog on a regular base, it's appreciated!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your speedy response,

It is much appreciated.

You have made me feel a lot better about bringing my daughter over.

i look forward to keeping up with your blog,

Take care and Good on You for being a very generous person!!!