Saturday 13 September 2008

Once more; an update on Chaweng's Pagoda

Once more; an update on Chaweng's Pagoda

And it's looking good! The work on the Pagoda is seriously progressing.

First of all I thought that a picture from a different angle would be interesting and here's a view at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Pagoda, where the buildings next to the Pagoda can be viewed. The white building on the left is where currently the Buddha statue is kept and is nothing more than an open room. The building on the right is the house where the Monk(s) will be housed once the Pagoda is opened.

The scaffolding has gone, at last. Last month and in previous pictures/updates the scaffolding can still be seen. It's a vast improvement on the overall impression the Pagoda makes.

The Aat has also been completed, in contrast to last month when they where still constructing it.

The Aat is either for displaying Buddha statues or for the Monks to sit on.

Lovely view over Chaweng from the roof.

Details of the roof part of the Pagoda which is almost completed, the outside part is fine, they're completing the inside.

The last two pictures also show yesterday's nice weather!

This place keeps dragging me back, not only to see the ongoing results of the construction , which is interesting enough by itself but also because of the fantastic views it has over Chaweng, Bang Rak and the airport.



Anonymous said...

Doet me terug verlangen. Weet nog van 2 maanden geleden dat ik er was, de hele pagoda was nog leeg en de schilders waren druk bezig. Het schiet al mooi op. En de uitzichten zijn echt mooi daar.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait only 14 sleeps until we get to thailand. Photos are lovely and weather yesterday looks Great,

Thanks Cammille


Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Richard,

Heb je daar nog een beetje foto's kunnen maken?

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Kellie,

Hope you will enjoy your trip!

Thanks for checking in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille

Zeker heb ik daar nog een paar shots weten te maken. van het vliegveld en chaweng lake. en de pagoda zelf.