Wednesday 17 September 2008

17th September, 2008

Today's weather;

A thick cloud layer is out there this morning with a current temp at 7 am of 26.5C.

Yesterday saw a cloud cover all day long with no sunshine and also no rain. Max temp reached 30.7C.

On the political front, the PPP party has closed the ranks and all voted for Somchai, former PM Thaksin's brother in law, to be the new PM.

Thaksin is once more in the spotlights, today's Ratchadaphisek case verdict will only widen political divide whatever the outcome although there seems to be no hard evidence against Thaksin which leaves the court in a quandry.

There's also a second arrest warrant against Thaksin.

The PAD is concerned how Somchai will act towards many Thaksin related cases and issues considering that he is Thaksin's brother in law.


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