Monday 22 September 2008

22nd September, 2008

Today's weather;

It looks nice and sunny with an almost clear blue sky! Current temp at 7 am is 26.7C.

Yesterday it was warm and sunny with a max temp of 33.5C.

The flooding in Thailand continue to cause problems; Residents of 4 provinces are warned of river overflow and some 123,000 fall sick because of floods: public health top official and here's some creative thinking to fight diseases; Lop Buri public health office to deploy floating toilets to relieve people affected by floods.

On the political front it seems fairly quiet and there's an upbeat feel about the new PM; Most Bangkokians think PM can settle political conflicts : survey or political situation to improve under PM Somchai : NIDA rector and Somchai govt to continue mega projects,

In the meantime PAD brainstorms over "New Politics". It ain't over until it's over!


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