Saturday 13 September 2008

13th September, 2008

Today's weather;

It's cloudy but the sun is shining through occasionally and the wind seem to have dropped a bit for the (current) time being. Current temp at 7 am is 26C.

Yesterday was a great day, all morning saw sunshine although the wind came back rather quickly after a lull in the morning. Up until early afternoon it remained sunny than the clouds took over again but it stayed dry. Max temp reached a nice 33.8C.

The big political news yesterday was that Samak dropped out of the PM race and possibly now also as party leader for the PPP. The Politics pulled back from the brink... for now it was like everybody waited for a Big Bang that wasn't. For the time being things take a seemingly right course, this coming Wednesday the show will continue unless Thailand gets shaken with another surprise before that.

On a local Samui level, tomorrow there will be municipal elections in order to elect a new Mayor for Samui after Samui has received Tessabaan Muay or city status. This means in a nutshell that Samui gets to govern all the moneys it generates without the Changwat or Province of Surat Thani getting their hands on it first. A similar situation like in Pattaya, where Pattaya City is part of the Changwat Chonburi but gets to govern over their own finances.


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