Friday 12 September 2008

New PM assignment postponed

New PM assignment postponed

In what seems a very late wake up call, the PPP, Samak's political party is now divided about voting Samak back as PM and plenty of MP's boycotted the vote, thus dashing Samak's comeback hopes as House adjourns urgent session.
Samak left Parliament immediately after the PM voting was adjourned.

Is the Thai Parliament finally smelling the coffee? Samak's own party is now divided enough to back him down.

Before the voting began Pro-government crowds started rallying in support of Samak. As it seems, to no avail.

Democrat nominate Abhisit as contender for PM position he may be the neutral person that can consolidate the current crisis and bring reason and peace back to the country.

Interesting developments and I'm sure there's more to come.


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