Saturday 20 September 2008

20th September, 2008

Today's weather;

A fairly blue sky is shaping up, there are still plenty of clouds around, but also with lots of sunshine. Current temp at 7 am is 25.2C. A perfect day to start our Project AWARE beach clean up day, more on this later in my dive blog.

Yesterday started out cloudy with bits and pieces of sunshine but later on in the day it turned really nice with lots of sunshine and a max temp of 34C. Last night there was some rain though but that was a good thing.

Floods in Thailand hit 36 provinces so far
Floods have caused damaged worth Bt686 million in 36 provinces, caretaker Agriculture Minister Somsak Prissanananthakul said Friday.He said floods affected 13 northern provinces, 12 northeastern provinces, 4 central provinces, 6 eastern provinces and a southern province.A total of 724,931 rai of farm land were inundated and a 2.7 million of farm animals were affected.

The political situation lingers on; A new cabinet line-up to finish in a few days : PM and Somchai is upbeat after 'good' phone talk with pad leader Sondhi.
There's also more and more criticism coming up against PAD from various groups, here's a University professor from Thammasart Uni speaking up; PAD supporters should dump leaders.

It's not all love, peace and understanding yet; Leaders of pro-government demonstrators threaten to lead provincial people to crush PAD and because of this 14 companies soldiers and police to be deployed to prevent clash between PAD, DAAD.

An interesting small 'snippet' about the recent coup; Coup 'failed to get things back on track'.


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