Wednesday 3 September 2008

3rd September, 2008

Today's weather;

It's good to be back home again and with the current political situation and Bangkok's current State of Emergency it's also good to be reunited with the family. A lot of tourists are also cancelling their trips and it's expected that around 700 billion THB will be lost.

On to the weather though, there's a thin white layer and the blue sky is waiting to break through. Current temp at 7 am is 25.3C.

Yesterday was rainy in Pattaya but warm and hot in Samui with a max temp of 31.8C although it felt a lot hotter than at any time of our stay in Pattaya.

Below an impression of Wat Plai Laem on Samui shortly before our plane touched down.



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, I've posted once or twice before, my visit for honeymoon is now getting very close so we're very excited!
I see August was an excellent month and September is looking good for the next 2weeks, any indications as of yet of what this could mean for October 2008? We arrive on 8th October (5weeks from today) for 2weeks staying at Chaweng Regent.

I'm hoping the unrest in Bangkok settles down within the next week or 2, it's a very sad situation for the Thai people, we are also due to stay there for 1 night first so would hate to be caught up in any trouble on honeymoon.

Thankyou hope you and your family are well:) Keep up the exellent work with the blog!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Barry,

It's a bit ealry to be able to comment on October, but in general early October should be OK. Theoritacilly the rainy season can start than but experience tels me it should be ok.

The unrest in Bangkok should be well over by than, I hope the situation to settle soon, in less than 2 weeks!

Thanks for the thumbs up and for visiting my blog on a regular base.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Camille for the quick response. I'll keep the fingers crossed for October weather and hope you keep the blog updated with developments in Bangkok, hopefully they won't have any bad repercussions for the people in Samui.

Slán go foill!

Camille Lemmens said...

No worries Barry,

My plan is to keep the blog updated with news about the political situation, it's a bit easier now I'm back on Samui.