Friday 5 September 2008

5th September, 2008

Today's weather;

It's cloudy this morning with a few blue spots trying to spy through the cloud cover. Current temp at 7 am is 27C.

Yesterday was a mixed bag with lots of blue sky at some times and heavy cloud cover at other times. There was however only the occasional shower or drizzle. Max temp reached 32.5C.

The political situation is not improving, the referendum proposed by the Governemnt is under attack, the PM's future is trivial given huge philosophical differences and last night two students got shot and injured during a rally.
Especially the article about the PM's future hits on some good points and explains a bit about the rather strange requests the PAD or anti govnmt demonstrators have.



Anonymous said...

Dear Camille,

I hope you are well! I am travelling to Thailand on the 27th of September - we are spendng 3 nights in Bangkok and then travelling to Koh Samui for 2 weeks. Looking at everything that is going on I suppose I am a little worried although my travel company has said that everything currently is still okay.

I see that Koh Samui should be okay and that it's only certain areas in Bangkok to avoid - if the worst comes to the worst then we can just go straight to Koh Samui for an extra 3 nights!

My reason for writing you, and I'm sorry you must get asked this a million times, is to enquire about the weather. I read your blog every day and it looks as if the weather has been okay. What is the weather actually like in October? There are so many conflicting reports - some say it just rains for an hour and then its sunshine again again, others say it rains mostly during the night and others say it rains constantly and is a terrible time to go. What's your experience? I suppose it's too late to do anything about it now, but as we're both from Scotland we see enough rain at home and ideally would like some sunshine on our hols!!! :-)

Any info / advice would be greatly appreciated and we may see you when we're in a hopefully sunny Koh Samui!!!!!!

Thanks loads,

Vicky and Steven xx

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Victoria,

By the time you get to Thailand I would assume that the political instability has been sorted out. Having said that, it’s an internal Thai conflict and in my opinion no Thai is interested in getting any foreigners involved.

Samui is indeed as save as can be and in Bangkok it’s only certain areas to be avoided as you mention. Thais will probably prohibit you from entering any potential dangerous areas.

Weather wise it’s sometimes as unstable as the current political situation. Theoretically October can see the start of the rainy season but out of a 9 year experience it usually is a bit of tropical rain here and there, an hour or so rain and than dry again. Last year however, October went through the roof, the first time I experienced this and the second part of October went really bad, have a look at my October 2007 archive. I can only hope that this won’t repeat itself and I think it to be very unlikely to happen again this year.

In general October is not a very bad time to visit Samui!

Keep an eye out on my blog and there are a couple of very good links to long term weather forecasts

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much fo the advice Camille, we really appreciate it!!!


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Vicky,

You're welcome.