Friday 19 October 2007

Fire next to Big Buddha market

The electric wiring next to Big Buddha was on fire this evening when I drove by.

In two different spots, as can be seen here, the electrical wiring was on fire. In most of Thailand (everywhere that I know of) the electrical wiring is all above ground. I'm not sure what happened on this occasion, but it must've been very recent when I drove by.

It's nice to see that the airport fire truck was already at the scene and a good handful of Police officers and fire brigade people were standing around, looking at the fire. Electric wiring had fallen down to the ground but was not severed from their mains but nobody took any effort to keep anybody at distance or to secure the scene and everybody was having a good time just watching or just like me snapping pix. Amazing Thailand!

Whilst taking these pictures, a second fire truck arrived, with flashing red lights and blazing horns. I didn't even know Samui had that many fire trucks. Friends told me that after I left, even a third fire truck showed up.

The second truck in full action. It was interesting to observe how the fire fighters acted, unfortunately it seemed they didn't put too much thought in their action and they just started rolling out hoses, straight under the fire, without checking if that was required at all or the right position! Within moments they were told to do something else first. Fairly interesting to see!

On the positive side, I have never seen that many firetrucks in one spot on Samui and it's good to know that there are some and that they seem to be able to react rather swiftly. What they as soon as they arrive on the scene is a different story altogether!

Hope you enjoyed this Samui hot of the wire news flash!

Nobody got injured by the way and the market did lose it's electricity. As did we, very briefly however!


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