Thursday 11 October 2007

11th October, 2007

Today's weather;

After a couple of real nice days, it seems the tide has changed, at least for today.There's a thick layer of clouds and it looks like it's going to rain, just as it did last night on a couple of occasions. Max temp is 25C at 7 am

Yesterday was another lovely day, lots of in a blue sky with a max temp of an agreeable 31C

Today is the end of Thaa Yai, as reported last month. My wife got up early and went to the people to send the dead relatives and friends back until next year. The Temple was crowded she said.



Anonymous said...

Hi there
You must be the same Camille from Lonely Planet. Great blog Camille. I'm reading through trying to get a 'sense' of Samui. I will be there for one month starting Dec 31!!
Want to get around by scooter but have never driven one before. Can't afford a car so must somehow learn. LOL Spent all my money on accommodation :((
Need to find a good (fair priced) tailor, see some local sites, 'learn' some local facts, know where to get a good massage (for my back) and find some things befitting a 50 yo women to do. I am hoping your blog will help me get a picture to frame my needs. Nice to see your name again.
Kindest Regards to you and your family

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Marion,

Thanks for your nice words. I do hope you find my answer back, since this is a fairly old post and yes, the same guy as from Lonely Planet!

Just be very careful on the scooter, traffic is mad here, especially if you have never driven before.

Local sites are plenty to be found on my blog, have a look around, my tip is to use the 'labels' on the left. They make it easier to find certain groups of topics.

Good back massages are to be found here. Some of the masseurs and/or masseuses are very well trained. I can recommend one not too far away from Big C for back problems.