Sunday 7 October 2007

More Spirit Houses

Some more pictures of Spirit Houses around Samui.

As already mentioned in previous posts about road side Spirit Houses and our very own Spirit House, here are some more pictures of some Spirit Houses around Samui.

This shows the inside of a Spirit House, where the actual protective Spirit lives. This one shows an elderly couple with various gifts for them. The elderly are very well respected in Thailand and an elderly couple also portrays wisdom, in this case.

Here's an interesting link that explains about Spirit Houses and animism in Thailand.

Here's the inside of yet another Spirit House, which shows a female statue. What makes this picture so interesting for me, are all the gifts for the statue, on the left hand side. A comb, lip stick, a mirror and other beauty related articles. Stereotypes anybody?

This set of Spirit Houses, on the Novotel road in Chaweng, are just awesome in my book for their complete break of traditional Spirit House design. They more like a 'Modern Art' version of Spirit Houses and I love the way they blend in with the wooden background of the main house. Fantastic!

Next time you're on Samui and you need to pick a Spirit House or two, here's one of the places near Lamai where you can get them. Various sizes and colours are available!


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