Wednesday 31 October 2007

Recommended Hotels

Recommended Hotels

After having arrived on Koh Samui in November 1999, I do have a good knowledge by now on various hotels on Koh Samui and can make some good suggestions when people ask me about hotel recommendations.
There are a lot of booking websites out there to choose from, let alone the amount of hotels to choose from, these mount to staggering numbers.

To get some comparing rates and reviews, I can recommend Hotels Combined and Agoda.
They have low rates, a wide choice and their websites are easy to navigate and use. They also offer rewards for repeat bookings.

Try these links for checking or booking hotels on Samui;

On this blog you won't only find hotel listings in Chaweng but also hotels located at various beaches around Samui and with my recommendations on why this specific beach or location appeals to me, which is not necessarily the most crowded beach. Sometimes less busy beaches or locations make a location more special.

Here's an ever growing list of recommended hotels on Koh Samui. Please click on the link to find more information about the mentioned hotels and for booking links. For each hotel or resort you'll find several links for rates and reservations so you can compare prices.

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