Friday 12 October 2007

Khanom Chin food stall in Bang Po

Khanom Chin in Bang Po.

Today, early in the morning, I had to go the Immigration office in Nathon, to see if my yearly Non Immigrant B Visa had arrived. After a bit of waiting and some stamps and signatures in my passport, I could happily embrace my new one year Non immigrant B visa.

On the way out of Nathon, after having done some various errands along the way, we were all hungry and my mother in law, who came along for the trip, suggested to go and eat Khanom Chin in Bang Po, in this supposedly excellent place for this kind of food.

Khanom Chin are Chinese style noodles with a Curry on top. Especially in the South of Thailand, these curries are very spicy but Khanom Chin is in general eaten throughout Thailand.

This is how the place looks like, it's located at the ring road, in Bang Po, the North of the island, and it looks like a shack.

It's mainly visited by locals, since they serve a very traditional Samui style curry and everybody just kind a joins around this big, table like thing. At one end the food is prepared and at the other three sides of the tables one can sit down and eat.
Rice is not served but they do serve a soup as well, a Long Thong.

These are the various vegetables (Pak) that go along with the Curried Khanom Chin.

Here's the famous Khanom Chin, doused in a very spicy curry.

Since I'm not a big fan of Khanom Chin at all, I had to go for the only alternative available, the Long Thong soup. The soup was very good and I ended up ordering a second bowl, since one wouldn't stop my appetite.

As a dessert I had this Lot Chong, the only Thai style dessert I actually like.

If you're in for a somewhat more adventurous eating experience, in sharp contrast to yesterday's Prego experience, this can be advised.


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