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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Dcheed 2 Restaurant, Chaweng

At Cheed 2 Restaurant in Chaweng, just a few different dishes are served.

It's mainly Raad Na with various topping, like squid, seafood, pork or chicken and Pad Sa Iw, with the same toppings, not to forget one of the best Sateh's or Satay ever!

Here's the road sign of the restaurant. It's located not too far away from the Chaweng Post office at the ring road. If you face the Post office, it's maybe 2 or 300 meters to the right, same side of the road as the Post office.

Here's a picture of the lovely Raad Na they make. Raad Na is noodles any style you like (or rather, what they offer, but normally a few different styles of noodles are available) with some a gravy and some vegetables topped by your choice of topping, squid, seafood, chicken or pork. Look at those copious amounts of squid! Just for the record, these are crispy noodles inside of this Raad Na.
Raad Na and Pad Sa E-you are 40 Baht per dish.

One of the best Sateh's I ever had. Sateh originates from Indonesia (where my favorite is goat Sateh or Sateh Kambing) but the Thais love it as well. This particular Sateh sauce is excellent and the meat used is chicken, 3 Baht per skewer!

Here's where the magic happens and the dishes are prepared between all the pot and pans.

Highly recommendable, it's a very basic place, the usual plastic tables and chairs but the food is excellent and it's visited by loads of locals, which is always a good sign and the place is still going strong as of August 2013.

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