Wednesday 10 October 2007

Je Festival or Vegetarian festival to start in Phuket and Hat Yai

Tomorrow it's time for the Je Festival or Vegetarian festival to start in Phuket and Hat Yai.

During one of my Visa runs to Hat Yai, a few years ago, my wife and me stumbled over a procession as part of the Je Festival or vegetarian festival that was going on at the time being.

The scenes that ones does witness are pretty intense, as you can see on these pictures. This is the mere reason why I post about this non Samui related Festival, without being there, it made a big impression on me.

Although these picture were made in Hat Yai, in Phuket there's a Je Festival going on as well.

The Festival in Phuket is on a larger scale that the one on Hat Yai, although, probably due to it's smaller size, in Hat Yai it was no problem to get in touching distance of the participants in the procession.

The quality of these pictures may not be that great, that's because I took them with my old style, non digital camera and had to scan the pictures.

The skewers are all pierced through his cheeks! Once you get close to them, you can see that they are in some kind of trance.

After the procession, your cheeks may hurt!

Hope you enjoyed this non Samui related piece of information.



Anonymous said...

As always, enjoy reading your BLOG. Fred

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the thumbs up!