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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Food on Wheels; Night market or pasar malem on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia

Since I'm currently on Gili Air in Indonesia, it makes sense to have this month edition of the Food on Wheels series about an Indonesian variation on this theme.

Bakso or soup and sateh, the bakso cart has the typical Indonesian shape for a food on wheels cart but the sateh bbq is an add on!

Earlier this week we had dinner on Gili Trawangan, a near by island, an there was a night market or in Bahasa Indonesia a 'pasar melam'. Sure enough there were a few samples of the local food on wheel variation and this post has the result.


It was interesting to watch the going on's at the night market and it was busy with both locals and tourists. The food looked good and yummy! Something to check out next time you're Indonesia! Just like in Thailand, there are night markets in every small town and village!

Local fish and more sateh

My fave 'sateh' is the goat or 'kambing', hard to find on the islands here but more widely available on the mainland.

In general, it just shows that all around South East Asia, food can be found on almost every street corner and it tastes great, well worth trying out.
A last tip, if many locals eat there, it means the food is good and there's a high turnover of food so you will get fresh food!


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