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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 7th November, 2010

Today's weather;

Samui seems to be back to normal and despite a big windy and rainy bump in the road this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, things should be fine and picking up the pieces and repairing the damage will be the main priority. Right now there's overcast but it wouldn't surprise me if there's some sunshine later today. Current temp at 7am is 25C

Koh Lanta is waking up under a partly blue sky and I expect more sunshine during the day. Current temp at 7am here is 25.5C

Yesterday saw a merely dry day on Samui with maybe a trace of rain and a max temp of 28.8C and Koh Lanta saw overcast pretty much all day with an occasional drizzle as well and a max temp of 29.8C

The current IDC on Lanta finished yesterday, with an EFRI course taking place today and a day's diving to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang scheduled for tomorrow!



Daria said...

I'm from Poland and I'm going to thailand in December. I want to spend e few days on the Andaman coast and than I'm thinking about going to samui from about 12 th of December. I'm just worring little about the weather at this time. I read in my travel book that it can be very windy. Does it mean that you can't swim in the ocean? Does it rain a lot too?
Thank you for the answer

Camille said...

Hi Daria,

Thanks for checking my blog and your enquiry. Usually the weather changes for the better around mid December, however, there can be occasional strong winds but the rain seems to ease up. Swimming can be dangerous, pending on where you are. Chaweng and Lamai can have some
rip currents!

Hope this helps for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are due to fly out to samui on Thursday, I was hoping for a relaxing 10 days coming home with a tan! Is this un realistic and should we think about heading somewhere else when we land in Bangkok? I'm worried :-( sham x

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille.... Thank you for your informative blog, it looks like you've had quite a tough time.

I am due to arrive in Samui on the 18th November. Do you know whether the weather is supposed to improve and general conditions on the island will get better?

Thank you in advance

Camille said...


As of Thursday things are looking on the up but there will still be the occasional shower, if you're looking for sun, I would advise going down to the West coast, Koh Lanta, Kao Lak, Phuket etc.

Camille said...


The 18th is rather far away right now but it looks like things have quieted down by than.
There may still be rain showers since it is the rainy season after all but I wouldn't expect anything near like the rain and storms Samui just experienced.

An overall improvement in conditions is however expected.

Daria said...

Hello Camille
Thank you for the answer. I really enjoy reading your blog. It's great to read about all the weather news and your food reviews. It makes me really want to go to Samui. Unfortunately the weather in December is as I thought (windy and big waves). I think I will leave the last of my 6 day in Thailand unplanned and will be wathing your blog and weather forecast and maybe I'll come. I love beaches, coconut trees and the sea but I hate wind and rain.
GO on with writing your blog.

Camille said...

Hi Daria,

You're welcome!

Right now I think that you're doing the right thing, enjoy your trip and keep an eye out for my blog and you can easily make a decision at the last moment!